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Our Thoughts !

Nowdays, about 65% - 70% of the students live in the village area and everyone wants to be something in their life, but many of them are children who can fulfill their purpose. There are many reasons behind this, of which the biggest reason is awareness. Today, we are living in the 20th century, which is also called the digital age or computer age, and even today in this computer age, most of the areas are those who are not aware at all in the computer.Through Digital Sahara Institute, we not only make such areas aware in computers but also help them to make a career in computer and digital fields.

Everyone know that we are living in the 2000th century, this century is called the computer age or digital age. Why is it called the digital age? What is the digital age? We cannot make ourselves a part of this digital age until we know this. Today we see that computer machines are being used to do all kinds of work in all companies and in cashew places, and by using computers or machines we do our work right, more, and more quantity. , This is the computer age, and when the computer is connected to the Internet and is working, it is called the digital age.

Today, our government is making every effort to build relations with the foreign countries and work together with them, and this work is possible only when we all enable ourselves to walk with the new era. Our government is running a lot of programs for computer and digital education. Digital Sahara Institute is also making every effort to fulfill this mission of the government. Through Digital Sahara Institute, you can not only teach a computer, but you can become proficient in working in a computer.

The first objective of Digital Sahara Institute is to provide computer and digital education to all. The courses that we provide to the students through this institute are -

1 - Digital Marketing Course

2- Web Design and Development 

3- App development

4-Computer Certification Course (CCC, CCC+, ECC, O-Level, DCA, ADCA etc.)

5- Computer Programming Language (C, C++, Python, Java, PHP, .Net, MySql etc)

6-Hardware & Networking (without and with CCNA Certification)

7 - Desktop Publishing Course ( Corel Draw, Photoshop, Illustration)

8- Financial accounting certification (Tally, DCFA, ADCFA)

The above mentioned course is a skilled based course which helps every student in his career growth.