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Most people in India like to work in the government sector and when they are not successful, they start doing private jobs. But nowadays web designing is a better option than all these. But this path is also not easy, because to become a web designer you must have creative skills and technical skills. In this field, not only can you earn money but also can do your business, there is a lot of possibility of career options as well.

HTML language is used to design the website, whose full name is Hyper Text Markup Language. CSS is used to design the format of an element layout within any webpage. All web pages on the Internet are created using HTML and CSS. Overall, it is decided in web designing how a web page will appear in a web browser.

For the website to work better, its maintenance is very important. That is why under web designing, the mistakes and issues in the site are regularly checked and the mistakes made in it are rectified.

Online marketing is the biggest way to reach people for any business, whether it is at a small level or at a large level. The user searches for anything on the Internet before purchasing anything and decides accordingly. That is why web design is included in the marketing strategy of any company today. Without a website, no company can grow in this competitive age. So nowadays the demand for web designer is very high and it will increase in the future as well. So let's know how you can start becoming a web designer.

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PHP with SQL

PHP with SQL

Course features

Course Duration 60 Days

Student Batch Size 10

100% Practicle Training

Certification Yes

Price - Rs. 6000/-

EMI Available